FunDay Friday


This week I am going to give you a quiz about libraries.
Try to answer them the best that you can. If you think you know some of the answers, just let me know.

1. If you cannot find a book, what should you do?

a. Go Home
b. Ask a librarian
c. Look on a computer
*There are two answers to the question.

2. Is it possible to renew your library books online (does not pertain to every library)?

a. No
b. Yes
c. Don’t know

3. Does a library have a printer (does not pertain to every library)?

a. Yes
b. No
c. Don’t know

4. What types of things do libraries have?

a. books, movies, cd’s
b. books, movies, cd’s, audio books, magazines, newspapers, video games
c. movies, books, audio books

5. Do you have to pay a fine if your book is overdue?

a. Yes
b. No
c. Don’t Know

Enjoy this little quiz I made for you. And on Wednesday I will post the answers to the questions.