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Welcome to MyLibraryCardWoreOut!

Wherever you are from, the United States, the UK, Israel, China or elsewhere, welcome! Just like a library, I try to keep my shelves up to date, but sometimes I don’t succeed. But I keep trying and usually once a week or at least every two weeks there is a book review and I try and get fun book related things up too! Also with the help of M.O.M (My Own Mother) we keep this blog running. Scroll down to read my latest posts. Enjoy and once again, welcome!

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Fun Friday

Instead of posting links of Friday’s, as I’m going to be working on doing that during the week, Friday’s will be the day when I post funny book related pictures or book related memes as I’ve come across a bunch of them. No words. Just the meme. (Only writing now to explain so you’re not too confused.)

Figured this one was perfect after everyone’s turkey day.

My workout is reading in bed until my arms hurt.

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Thanksgiving Poems: Entertain Grandma At Dinner

Family Reunion by Maxine Kumin

The week in August you come home,
adult, professional, aloof,
we roast and carve the fatted calf
—in our case home-grown pig, the chine
garlicked and crisped, the applesauce
hand-pressed. Hand-pressed the greengage wine.


Nothing is cost-effective here.
The peas, the beets, the lettuces
hand sown, are raised to stand apart.
The electric fence ticks like the slow heart
of something we fed and bedded for a year,
then killed with kindness’s one bullet
and paid Jake Mott to do the butchering.


In winter we lure the birds with suet,
thaw lungs and kidneys for the cat.
Darlings, it’s all a circle from the ring
of wire that keeps the raccoons from the corn
to the gouged pine table that we lounge around,
distressed before any of you was born.


Benign and dozy from our gluttonies,
the candles down to stubs, defenses down,
love leaking out unguarded the way
juice dribbles from the fence when grounded
by grass stalks or a forgotten hoe,
how eloquent, how beautiful you seem!


Wearing our gestures, how wise you grow,
ballooning to overfill our space,
the almost-parents of your parents now.
So briefly having you back to measure us
is harder than having let you go.
Click here to view a list of some other great thanksgiving poems that are great entertainment for the family at dinner this year. Click the name of the poems to see the full poem on the Poetry Foundations website.
Happy Thanksgiving!
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“Amazon Alternatives”

Have you been looking for an alternative to Amazon?

Have no fear, Book Riot came up with a fantastic list of other places that you can get your books from in case you don’t want to support Amazon all the time.

Sherlock gif moving book on bookcase.

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“24 Insanely Clever Gifts for Book Lovers”

1 month until Christmas! Time to start planning!!

BuzzFeed came up with some great gifts for book lovers.

Some are a little silly while others are really smart! I love the first one. Especially if you’re reading a really long book with small print!

May have to get some of these for the book lovers in my life!


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Oldie But Goodie (Old Book Reveal!)

I recently re-found two old books I had and decided that, as a person who loves books and old books, that I’d share them. They definitely are old, published in the 1800’s or so and you can definitely tell from how the books are worn.

Do you have any books of your own that are old? And if so, how old?

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Since the attacks on Paris just over a week ago, countries have been locking their boarders and the fear from nations, and from people, has been on the rise.

And because of threats in Brussels recently, it is completely on a lockdown but during all of this, residents have tried their best to make light of the situation. Brussels police had requested that no one post to twitter lest they alert potential targets that the police were coming and residents responded in the best way possible.

#brusselslockdown on Twitter.

Click here to view a few pictures and head on over to twitter and type in the hashtag to see more posts and some great pictures.

#brusselslockdown meme

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare cover

So I know that I never do video game reviews, even though my library does have large collection of video games to borrow, but recently I’ve been hanging out with some friends in college and during down time we sometimes play videos games just for some fun even though it’s rare as we actually talk. >gasp< I know, shocker right? Teens actually spend time together and talk? Well yes, we do a lot of that…and a lot of laughing. And then sometimes video games where we talk and laugh too.

To start off, I’ve never really been a massive video game player because I never had time or my parents never really let me. And then when I did finally get my XBox 360 (which was like amazing), I only played racing games as that was always what I was interested in. Never did I play any shooting games as I wasn’t terribly into those types.

But now that I hit college I’ve been messing around with a little GTA V for the heck of it as well as COD Advanced Warfare which I was having some fun with. Now don’t get me wrong, I haven’t exactly played this a lot of times, but in the few times that I have, I have to say it was quite enjoyable. It wasn’t as graphic as I though it was going to be with the blood and stuff, though you do play to kill people…as it is a shooting game. Big duh!

The graphics in this game are excellent though. I’ve always had a want for good graphics. If a movie or a game doesn’t have good graphics, then even if the story line is good, I’m going to automatically hate the game/movie. But the graphics in this game, I have to say, were fantastic! I specifically played on the Terrace map and it was extremely enjoyable because it was like a massive battle in a club scene.

Terrace map for COD Advanced Warfare

As far as I remember there wasn’t too much talking so the characters weren’t cursing, though I was playing the online version and nothing in story mode or anything like that.

One of my friends who I play with actually runs a channel and does reviews and live commentary for these games and they’re fantastic and will show you much better what the games are like than what I could say. >Cue shameless friend promotion< Zach, or you can call him itzHazardous, films himself playing the games (without facecam) and does a live commentary over it and it’s fantastic for people to get a good laugh (as sometimes…SOMETIMES his comments are funny xD) as well as getting a fantastic view of what the games would be like when you play them. Besides COD he has also done Battlefield Hardline, Grand Theft Auto 5 and more! Definitely check him out here and look around. There are some great game play videos if you’re looking for a good game to play or if you’re unsure if a game is worth getting. Though it is for older viewers as he sometimes likes to use…colorful language to say the least.

Overall, the game was pretty good in my opinion though since I’m not a huge gamer, I can’t give a detailed description. Check out itzHazardous for more information.


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