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No Mardi Gras for the Dead Spotlight

No Mardi Gras For The DeadTitle: No Mardi Gras for the Dead
Autor: D.J. Donaldson
ISBN (paperback): 978-1-68120-936-4
ISBN (ePub): 978-1-941286-35-7
ISBN (ePDF): 978-1-941286-36-4
ISBN (mobi): 978-1-68120-027-9
Price: US 7.99  eBook
16.95 paperback
Category: Fiction / Mystery/Police Procedural
Fiction / Thriller/Medical
Dimensions: 5.25” ( w ) x 8” ( h )
Publication Date: October, 2014
Distributor: IPG (www.ipgbook.com)


Kit Franklyn, lately drowning in personal doubts about her life and career, thinks that investigating the corpse she found in the garden of her new home will be the perfect distraction. Together with her boss, the loveable and unconventional chief medical examiner Andy Broussard, she sets out to solve this case that’s growing colder by the minute. Though they identify the body as a missing hooker, now dead for twenty-seven years, all hope of conviction seems lost—until the unorthodox duo link the body and two recent murders to a group of local, wealthy physicians.


Don Donaldson, who also writes as D. J. Donaldson, holds a Ph.D. in human anatomy. In his professional career, he has taught microscopic anatomy to over 5,000 medical and dental students and published dozens of research papers on wound healing. He is also the author of seven published forensic mysteries and five medical thrillers. He lives in Memphis, Tennessee with his two West Highland terriers.


“Likeable protagonists, abundant forensic lore, and vivid descriptions of colorful New Orelans and its denizens…”—PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“Kit and Andy make a formidable team.” —WASHINGTON TIMES

“Donaldson’s genre gumbo keeps you coming back for more.”—BOOKLIST


The night air was warm and humid, but her skin was pebbly with gooseflesh. Usually talkative and outgoing, tonight she lay quietly, almost pensively, her back to the stars, her face turned to the side. A fly hummed out of the darkness and landed. It briefly explored the surface of her cloudy cornea, then began to tuck its eggs into the corner of her eye. Her respiration had ceased many hours earlier, but enzymes were still functioning, acting now without direction, turning on the organs they once served. One life had ended, but millions reaped the benefits, finding passage into previously forbidden chambers where in mindless celebration they multiplied.

She was lifted from the grass and dropped into a hole in the earth, her rigidity requiring the same fit she once demanded of her clothing. Then the dirt… filling… covering… hiding…

With the sun, life spilled into the streets and the ground warmed. Though it was cool below, her red cells eventually gave up their hemoglobin, which seeped from her vessels, staining her once-blemish-free skin with reddish brown trails. A shower brought smiles to the lips of the living, but also summoned forth delicate mycelial threads from germinating mold spores that began digesting her clothing.

Days passed into weeks and the gases came, lifting the dirt, creating pressures that rearranged… pushed… expelled. In life, she had been desired by many. In death, she was sought by more and they came to her, embraced her and became one with her. Then as the weeks blended into months, their ardor waned and one by one they left her, until she was very much alone.


Yikes! She had forgotten Bubba.

Kit hurried down the hall and nudged the kitchen door open. Predictably, a small black nose appeared in the crack.

She slipped her hand inside and grabbed Lucky, the owner of the nose, by the collar. “Oh yes, you little varmint, you’d like to get into the new varnish, wouldn’t you?”

When she was safely into the kitchen with the door shut behind her, she let the little dog go. He responded by scampering happily about the room, his claws clacking on the linoleum like a little flop-eared flamenco dancer.

Watermelon. That’s why she had come inside… to get Bubba a piece of melon.

She washed her hands at the sink and looked out the window at Bubba Oustellette, hard at work digging the holes for the posts that would support the rose trellis in the center of her planned rose garden. Bubba was dressed as usual, in navy blue coveralls and a matching T-shirt. On his head was a dark green baseball cap bearing the logo of an ocean wave showing its teeth and carrying a football.

Poor Bubba. The posthole digger was bigger than he was and he was sweating terribly. She got the watermelon from the fridge and cut it in half. She lopped off a thick circle, put it on a dinner plate, and stuck a fork in the center, about all the culinary ability or inclination any kitchen was likely to see from her. On the way out, Lucky darted into the yard.

Bubba looked as though he’d taken a shower with his clothes on—his dark hair hanging in wet ropes from under his cap, his shirt sticking to him like a coat of blue paint. In the future, she was going to have to be more careful. She had merely asked whether he knew anyone she could hire to build a rose trellis and he had volunteered to do it for nothing. And she hadn’t been able to talk him out of it. Now, here he was, giving up his Saturday and courting heatstroke, as well.

“How about a little break, Bubba?”

Bubba chunked the digger into the hole and grinned through his bushy black beard. “Ah don’ need no coaxin’ for dat,” the little Cajun said, taking off his cap and wiping his forehead with his arm.

“Come on, sit over here in the shade and see if this melon is as good as it looks. Or, if you like, we can go inside where it’s cool.”

“Out here is okay.”

Kit led Bubba to a pair of folding lawn chairs under a young pin oak, where Bubba didn’t want to sit until she did.

“Bubba, get in that chair.”

Sheepishly, he did as she ordered. “Ah think you got a little Gramma O in you,” he said, taking the plate and the salt Kit held out to him.

Grandma O operated the restaurant where Kit usually ate lunch. She was Grandmother only to Bubba, but everyone called her Grandma O, mostly because that’s what she called herself on the restaurant’s sign and menu.

“A little of Grandma O? I’ll consider that a compliment,” Kit said.

“Well, Ah hope you don’ let it mushroom, cause Ah got all Ah can handle with da original.”

Bubba sprinkled his melon with salt and stored the shaker in the chest pocket of his coveralls. He carved a large piece from the melon’s seedless center, then paused. “Ain’t you havin’ any?”

“Maybe in a minute,” Kit said, enjoying the feeling of sitting under her own oak in her own backyard. The yard was small but was given a nice sense of privacy by the unusually tall cypress fence that a previous owner had put up.

The yard itself wasn’t much to look at now: a carpet of mangy Bermuda; some scraggly privet on each side of the back door in beds lined with three different shades of brick set in the ground to resemble the teeth on a saw, and, of course, those awful clothesline poles and all that cement around them.

She looked at Bubba, intending to ask his advice on methods for removal of the poles but realized he’d just want to help with that as well. What she needed was a…

Lord. She put her hand to her eyes in disbelief. For an instant, she had imagined she needed a husband. She looked warily at the house, alert now to a danger in its purchase that hadn’t occurred to her before. She didn’t need a husband. She didn’t need a man at all. She stood up. “Bubba, I want to dig the next hole. I’m going inside to change. Keep an eye on Lucky for me while I’m inside, will you? He likes to dig and I’m afraid he might try to go under the fence.”

“He’s good at it, too,” Bubba said, pointing.

Looking behind her, Kit saw Lucky’s front paws churning at the pile of dirt beside the hole Bubba had been working on. The little dog shoved his muzzle into the cavity he’d made and pulled out something white, which he dragged a few feet to the side. He lay down and began chewing on it.

Afraid that it might be something harmful, Kit hurried toward him. “No! Bad dog! Bad dog!”

Lucky’s ears lifted and he looked at Kit with big round eyes that said, playtime.

She leaned down to take the object from him, but he snatched it up and darted off. Lucky ran with abandon, leaping over the lumber Bubba had brought and making a three-quarter circle around the yard. He dropped to his belly, with the object between his paws and watched to see whether Kit would come after him.

“Bubba, I’m going to need some help here.”

Bubba put his plate under his chair and circled around behind the oak while Kit closed in from the front. Lucky’s eyes darted back and forth between them as he triangulated their approach.

Having grown up around animals of all kinds and knowing them well, Bubba was aware that Lucky would not let him get much closer. So he flung himself into the air, covering the last few feet in a daring surprise maneuver.

When Bubba hit, driving the salt shaker into his sternum, Lucky was ten feet away, his legs a blur as he ran, the object firmly between his teeth.

It was far too hot to play this game and Kit was about ready to get the hose after the dog, when he dropped the object and went after a blue jay that had landed near the fence. Kit hurried to the object and bent down for a closer look. Despite the bright sun beating on her back, she went gray and cold inside.

“What is it?” Bubba said, getting to his feet.

“Part of a jawbone,” Kit said.

“Somebody’s buried pet?”

“If it is, it’s been to the dentist.”



Jillian Ports, General Manager
Astor + Blue Editions

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“Non-Fiction About Girls, Women and Feminism”

One of BookRiots writers, Kelly Jensen, wrote a great piece about non-fiction about girls, women and feminism and came up with a list of books.

Maybe if I have some time I’ll check it out, but it does look like a fantastic list.

If you’ve read any of the books on the list, let me know what you think about them!

Also any books that should have been on the list that weren’t?


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Eighth Harry Potter Story?!?!

Apparently, this summer, J.K. Rowlings script of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Part I and II will be published as a book this summer!

“The publication won’t be a novel, as many fans had hoped, but will allow those who haven’t managed to get hold of tickets to the sold out, two-part production of the play, which opens on July 30.”

Click here to find out more. I definitely will be checking this out!

Harry Potter

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“On Finding Bookish Treasure in Thrift Stores”

Definitely an interesting post from BookRiot about finding bookish treasures in thrift stores.

I do love thrift stores because of the cute things that you can find in them. How about you?

What’s the coolest, or uniquest thing, you have found in a thrift store?

Book thrift store

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Shannon Cordon Author Info

Shannon CordonBiography
Shannon Condon (1969-) was born in upstate New York and raised in South Florida. She graduated from the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida. While she was married she moved frequently to several states. When she got to North Carolina, she fell in love with the state. Soon she divorced her husband and moved to Greensboro, North Carolina. She and her sons were soon joined by the rest of her family who migrated up from South Florida. Shannon comes from a close knit family and with the help of her parents, she is able to work and raise her three sons. Her dream has always been to write books. In 2015 she got that chance and the result is her debut novel, Finding Magdalena. It will pull at your heartstrings from the first few pages and hold you captive until the shattering climax.

BookBear logo Disclaimer: These questions are courtesy of BookBear.

Q & A

1. When did you realise you wanted to become an author?
I realized I wanted to be a writer when I was in high school and went to college with that goal in mind. Of course, life happens and it wasn’t until recently that I have had the opportunity to realize my dream.
2. Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
The message I want readers to take away from this book is abuse in teenage relationships and at the teenage level, whether in a relationship or not, is a very real thing. I think girls are particularly susceptible at college when they are away from home and looking for security which is often equated with a boyfriend. Abuse can come in many forms and I knew many girls who experienced it, myself included.
3. What genre do you consider your book(s)?
My book has been labeled by the publisher as coming of age/ young adult. Due to the nature of the content, I would recommend it for 15+.
4. What was the hardest part of writing this book?  
I think the hardest part of writing this book was keeping the length to a reasonable length. I had a lot more I wanted to add to the book but had been advised not to go over a certain word count. Fortunately, that is what sequels are for.

5. Do you have any advice for other writers?

My advice to other writers is not to get discouraged. I received lots of rejection letters before I decided to self publish. I am still sending query letters to publishers. Just because what you write doesn’t strike a chord with one agent doesn’t mean another won’t love it. The most important thing is to believe in yourself and make sure you EDIT your manuscript before you send any part of it to an agent.

6. How long does it take you to write a book?


It’s hard to put a timeline on how long it takes me to write a book. I can spend a couple of months developing a book and the characters before I actually put a single word on my computer.  Once I begin writing, however, I would say it takes about six to eight months.  I am constantly rewriting in my head even as I am writing on my computer and this leads to deleted chapters and backtracking. It’s important to me that when I am done, the characters are strong and the story fluid.


7. What books have most influenced your life most?

I think the books that have had the greatest influence on me are the ones that I don’t want to end. They draw me in so much that I am immersed in another world. Some examples would be my all time favorite, ‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding and the Hunger Games series.


8. What are you working on at the minute?

Right now I am working on the sequel to Finding Magdalena. I am very excited about it because I feel that Maggie is growing as a woman and in strength. There will be a lot of surprises and I hope everyone who has been asking for a sequel will be asking for more!


9. Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead characters from your book?
To be honest, I cannot think of any current actress who could play Maggie. She is such a unique character. I would envision a new face playing her if a movie was made of Finding Magdalena.

10. What’s is your book about?
My book is about a girl named who suffers a terrible tragedy at fifteen. As she begins to recover with the help of her best friend, Graham, she meet’s her roommate’s older brother, Eric. He becomes obsessed with Maggie. His obsession becomes violent and he abuses and sexually tortures her. She flees to Spain to attend college and try to find her mother’s estranged family. Just as she settles into what she believes is a safe life, Eric finds her and she begins a journey across Europe to escape him that draws upon all her strength and shows her the woman she is meant to be.
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Book Tour for Finding Magdalena by Shannon Cordon

Finding Magdalena by Shannon Condon Book CoverBook Title: Finding Magdalena
Author: Shannon Cordon
Author Website/Blog Link: outskirtspress.com/findingmagdalena
Book Genre: Coming of age
Blurb: Maggie Curran grew up traveling Europe with her professor father and her music teacher mother. Her mother, a native of Spain was disowned from her family when she married Maggie’s father. Maggie is home schooled until a family decision sends her to a prestigious boarding school in Virginia. Maggie, an accomplished vocalist and straight A student, wins a four year scholarship. In the spring of Maggie’s freshman year, she suffers an unbearable tragedy. She clings to her best friend, Graham Ashworth, who is the only one who can pull her out of her grief. In her junior year, she is deemed stable enough to have a roommate and is soon embracing the bubbly Sarah who helps bring Maggie out of her shell. When Maggie travels home with Sarah for Thanksgiving, she meets Sarah’s older brother, Eric. An innocent Maggie soon finds herself flattered by Eric’s attention. When Maggie returns to school, she and Graham finally take their friendship to the next level. A jealous Eric becomes violent and tortures Maggie. When Eric is given a light sentence at a mental institution, Maggie knows she must leave. She enrolls at the University of Malaga, Spain and seeks out her mother’s family. In the process, she meets Mateo, who becomes her friend a bridge between her and her newly found relatives. Just as she is settling into her new life, Eric escapes and comes after her with an intent to kill. Soon she and Mateo, now her fiancé, are jumping around Europe trying to stay ahead of Eric and his unknown cohorts. Can Maggie survive the shattering climax?

Amazon Linkwww.amazon.com/-/e/B0198L8M4M

Unfortunately I don’t have time to read this book at the moment….but this looks absolutely fantastic and hope that when I have time in the summer that I’ll be able to give it a go. If any of my readers get to it before I do, please let me know what you think about it!

Happy Reading!

Book tour hosted by BookBear.

BookBear logo


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Fun Friday

How cool is this?! It’s a little shop made out of books which were clued together and then carved out. Gosh, I wish I had skill to make something like this…

What’s the most creative thing you’ve done which is book related?

Little shop made

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