My Cats

I have two wonderful cats. Harry and Merlin. Harry was named after Harry Potter (he came named as that) and Merlin was named after the powerful sorcerer (he used to disappear into the white walls when he was a kitten so the name was fitting).

Merlins History

My cat was named Merlin because he kept on disappearing. One minute he would be eating, the next he would be hiding. We would sometimes walk past him because he blends into the white stuff such as walls and furniture.

He has the black and gray lines on his head which developed as he grew up and helped us be able to find him…sort of.

He also has a little gray smudge just where he tail begins but as he grows older it slowly is disappearing. He is a lovely cat when he isn’t playing and tries to bite you. What makes him special to me is that he licks you. I mean what cat does that?! He will lick you like a dog except his tongue makes your chin hurt due to the barbs on it but after awhile it goes numb. As of now he is 10 years old!

Harrys History

My other cat Harry is a black and white cat. I honestly have no idea why he is named that as he was a rescue kitten and he came named as that. He had a mother and a sister – Lulu was the sister and Fleur who was his mother – but his mother and sister unfortunately passed away. Harry is about 13 years old but seems much older because he is an outside cat but he’s surviving incredibly well, protecting our garden with gusto. He would have made a lovely indoor cat and sometimes will stop inside and be happy when we protect him from the snow. He loves to drool when we give him loving but he gets scared very easily if you move too fast. Just have to remember to move slowly and he will love you to death.

Those are my cats and I really love them both.


Merlin on a good day

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