X-Men: First Class (2011)


James McAvoy – Charles Xavier
Michael Fassbender – Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto
Kevin Bacon – Sebastian Shaw
Rose Byrne – Miora MacTaggert
Jennifer Lawrence – Raven/Mystique


“When Bryan Singer brought Marvel’s X-Men to the big screen, Magneto and Professor X were elder statesmen, but Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass) travels back in time to present an origin story–and an alternate version of history. While Charles Xavier (Laurence Belcher) grows up privileged in New York, Erik Lehnsherr (Bill Milner) grows up underprivileged in Poland. As children, the mind-reading Charles finds a friend in the shape-shifting Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) and Erik finds an enemy in Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon), an energy-absorbing Nazi scientist who treats the metal-bending lad like a lab rat. By 1962, Charles (James McAvoy) has become a swaggering genetics professor and Erik (Michael Fassbender, McAvoy’s Band of Brothers costar) has become a brooding agent of revenge. CIA agent Moira (Rose Byrne) brings the two together to work for Division X. With the help of MIB (Oliver Platt) and Hank (A Single Man’s Nicholas Hoult), they seek out other mutants, while fending off Shaw and Emma Frost (Mad Men’s January Jones), who try to recruit them for more nefarious ends, leading to a showdown in Cuba between the United States and the Soviet Union, the good and bad mutants, and Charles and Erik, whose goals have begun to diverge. Throughout, Vaughn crisscrosses the globe, piles on the visual effects, and juices the action with a rousing score, but it’s the actors who make the biggest impression as McAvoy and Fassbender prove themselves worthy successors to Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. The movie comes alive whenever they take center stage, and dies a little when they don’t. For the most part, though, Vaughn does right by playing up the James Bond parallels and acknowledging the debt to producer Bryan Singer through a couple of clever cameos.”

–Kathleen C. Fennessy from Amazon.com


There was so much happening all of the time during this movie. This movie was telling the story of the X-Men before they were The X-Men. It followed them from where they started off and how they came to be the X-Men and the process of them training to save the world from Sebastian Shaw.

The movie was a little confusing and at few points and I lost what was going on but you could quickly figure out what you missed. This may have been due to the fact that I have not seen any of the previous X-Men movies (something which I plan to change soon.) But the C.G.I’s in this movie were done very well.

And some of the costumes/makeup which was done was quite impressive.

The movie was set in the past and starts off with showing Erik Lehnsherr, later named Magneto, while he was a child. He was separated from his parents in a Nazi camp and it showed him getting angry and using his power. That was how the movie opened up. It got you intrigued and you wanted to watch some more.

This movie, I would say, would be for ages 14/15+ because there was quite a lot of violence. Especially in a scene were Sebastian Shaw broke into the mutants hideout and killed every single security guard and it was kind of creepy, especially when it is raining bodies – literally.

But otherwise this movie was still really good. I liked how in some of the scenes, when it was showing the past, they filmed in a different color. They filmed in a black/white/sepia color so it made it look older which was a really nice effect.

It was an enjoyable movie and I do recommend it, so I hope that you enjoy.