Word(s) of the Week – Guest Blogger M.O.M.

With so much of the country experiencing wild and wet weather  here are a few weather related words and phraes to help with understanding what the weather person is talking about.

Blizzard – An intense winter storm with winds of 35 m.p.h. or higher with falling and/or blowing snow that reduces visibility below 1/4 mile for at least three hours.

Flash Flood – Sudden flooding that occurs when floodwaters rise swiftly with no warning within several hours of an intense rain. They often occur after intense rainfall from slow moving thunderstorms. In narrow canyons and valleys, floodwaters flow faster than on flatter ground and can be quite destructive.

Lake Effect Snow – Localized snow that forms on the downwind side of large lakes. It’s common in the late fall and winter in the Great Lakes region when cold, dry air picks up moisture from the unfrozen lake surfaces.

Nor’easter – A powerful low-pressure system that moves north along the Atlantic Coast. It’s called a Nor’easter because the coastal winds are from the northeast. Heavy rain, snow and high surf often occur.

*All of this information came from Crystal Wicker at WeatherWizKids.com. To see her website click here.