Winter Wonderland

Since the beginning of January we have had multiple snow falls and I don’t think that in any area the snow and ice fully melted. It certainly has not in my area. The other day when it snowed, my father and I went out and I decided to take some pictures of the ice. We usually have icicles at my house but we have had some huge ones recently. One of them was at least 3-4 feet long. It took two days to create that. Unfortunately I dropped it and it smashed before I could get a picture of it. 🙁 So anyway I would like to share some picture of icicles which I did get.

And it has been so cold recently that my cat has taken to curling up in the corner of his basket. So today I went into one of our bedrooms and what did I see??????????

Yes, Merlin is under the covers. I had pulled the bed covers back and he later walked under it freely and fell asleep. I took about 3 pictures of him before he even realized I was there. Silly kitty. 🙂