William Shakespeare – The Anniversary

April 21, 2016 commemorates the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare. A writer of such stature who was able to leave the world an enormous collection of poetic plays and historical accounts it leaves you breathless. A giant in the literary world.

Here is a little round up of some events paying a tribute to the Bard. To commemorate this special date the Royal Mail has commissioned a set of stamps honoring him.

The Royal Mint has created several commemorative coins for this special occasion. No doubt these will be serious collectors pieces, but be careful not to spend them!

While there why not check out the coins commemorating HRH Queen Elizabeth 2 90th birthday?

This is just a small number of special things occurring to honor William Shakespeare. For now.

In honor of this day here is a little rewind of previous Shakespeare posts to refresh your memory about the man’s greatness.

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Romeo and Juliet.

Don’t know where to start? This will help.

Whatever you do read, listen or watch some Shakespeare. And be staggered at his genius.