Will Grayson Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

20 pages. That was all that I read. This was because of what was in the book. You can read the review here. But since I did not read the book I do not know much about the story but I am going to tell you this from what I read. There is a lot of cursing in this book. You pretty much have every word in the cursing dictionary. Everything from hell to the -eff word. CommonSenseMedia.org rates if ok for 15 year olds but I would have to disagree. On their website I would advise younger readers not to look at the description of this book because all of the words are spelled out and no young readers should know about 3/4 of the words on the page. There is also a lot of sex talk.

I put this book down because it was vulgar. I did not want to read anymore so I just gave it up. If you would like to read it be my guest and tell me how you found it. But personally, I do not want my head filled with all of these disgusting images so if you are that type of person who likes keeping their head clean, stay away from the book.