When The Cat’s Away… Mom Takes Over

Hello Book Lovers!

While MLCWO travels the globe this little corner of the reading internet is too quiet and so much is going on in the world of print and books. As promised by my lovely book loving daughter I will keep you up to date on bookish things until she returns. Even though it is summer there is plenty to be on top of as the book world never really sleeps.

Before I start just a bit about me so you’ll know what to expect.

I raised one seriously devoted reader and that is something I am fiercely proud of.. Bringing up a child that shares your love for books is a delight especially as  I  myself am a reader and passionate book lover. However, my choice in books is quite different from my daughter’s. My passion is literary fiction, classics really, a dabble of memoirs, travel writing especially historical travel and children’s picture books –  all with a side of non-fiction. We don’t really read the same thing. I also love altered books, typewriters, classical music, cooking and cats. So, you might not find what you normally would here, but it is only for a few weeks so hopefully you can bear with me. Long time readers might have seen some posts I wrote years and years ago while this was a very young blog. Posts on how to raise a reader, word of the week, banned book week and poems were often me. Nice to be back talking books!

Now onto book things. It is summer and beach reads are the thing, but it is also the time for hammocks and shade and indulging in things you might not usually choose.  But what do you do if you don’t know what to read next?

Penguin UK is a great website with lots to read and discover. They have a very useful area “Find Your Next Read” which has lists, suggestions, podcasts and so much more.  One of my favorite sections is “Where to Start” where they give nice lists of 5 books for particular authors. Why not check out “Where to start with Sherlock Holmes” because it’s Sherlock! Or the enticing  “Where to start with Shirley jackson” because if you haven’t read The Haunting Of Hill House you should. I know, I know….older writers, archaic, etc. etc. But these are classics and this is summer. Why not try something completely different?

Summer means road trips for many and what is better than hitting the open road and seeing new places?  If you are traveling around the US why not dip into some books that are relevant to the states you are visiting? Here is a great list of books from each state, with several to choose from, and once reading you can add your photos to an Instagram page. Only trouble is not all 50 states are there so maybe there are some titles readers can suggest.

And as a final note not long before MLCWO took off to distant shores there was a visit to a brick and mortar Amazon store. You can read the post here. Book Riot has a very interesting article about why you should be really angry about the success of Amazon’s real world store. It is well written and makes some interesting points. Take a read, give it some thought and consider both sides. This is important to book lovers. Monopolies aren’t always a good thing and for you the reader where you shop might be important to you. But of course there is always the library!

Thanks for reading along! M.O.M.


When The Cat's Away... Mom Takes Over