What Should I Read Next?

So, it is summer. If you are a reader and lover of books you might just have a list (or a really big pile of books) that you hope to devour. Or, you might have the often dreaded Summer Reading List. Which based on my observation is dreaded because you have to read some of the books and not because the books are awful. Actually, from what I have seen some of the books are very well chosen……has anyone had “The Twilight Series” on their list yet (no, and you probably won’t either).

But just on the off chance you don’t have a list, and don’t have a pile what are you to do? Beyond asking a friend / book seller / librarian to make some recommendations here is really great website. “What Should I Read Next?” gives you the option of putting the title, author or ISBN (the unique code for every book) in and they will come up with a list of suggestions. Give it a try, play with it a bit and see what you come up with. The website has some other interesting features that you can play with if you register, but you can still get suggestions without registering. Many library websites also have something similar but this is easy to use and you don’t have to find your library card number!