What Does Summer Mean? Beach Reads!!

For bookish types there are 2  times in the year where you mind perpetually focuses on books:

1. Christmas when you just about drive yourself crazy working out which books to give to whom? (or which you would prefer to keep and read yourself!)

2. Summer when you must have the perfect beach read. Or two. Or three. It has to be engaging, transporting, possibly light in weight and works well with sand. And water drops.

Well, it is summer and now is the time to be working out which escape filled book will be your new companion during the long, lazy days. To help you on your way  MLCWO will be sifting through lists and lists of books and coming up with plenty of suggestions to help you find the perfect fit. And today there is the perfect list by way of Pure Wow. This list, click here, contains new suggestions and old favorites.

It is a perfectly constructed list.

And for those of you who prefer car trips, we’ll work on getting some great audible books up for you all as well.

So which of these on the list have you read? Which will you read?

Happy reading and enjoy your reads on the beach.