Starlight (Warriors: The New Prophecy Series #4) by Erin Hunter


The Clans have finally arrived at their new homes, but there seems to be a traitor amongst one of the clans after Onewhisker was pronounced deputy after Tallstar died. Squirrelpaw thinks it is Hawkfrost, but Bambleclaw dissagrees. But everyone knows that Mudclaw was deputy just seconds before Tallstar died. It was his dying wish that Onewhisker would become the deputy and then leader. But what about the prophecy from StarClan “Before there is peace, blood will spill blood, and the lake will turn red.” All of the medicine cats are puzzled by this and hope it is wrong. The future is uncertain, and if the Clans aren’t strong enough, will this traitor kill them all off and rule the lake area????


They have finally arrived at the lake area. This is their new home after being thrown out of the last one. They are finally settling in and making their homes. This book is starting the whole new generation of cats in the Clans. Lives are shifting, there is uncertainty in other Clans, and some of the cats could be turning against others, and could be not what they seem. Great book, it is starting a whole new thing. Hope that you enjoy it.