Warriors: Power of Three #4: Eclipse by Erin Hunter

Life in the clans is normal. For now. When a stranger named Sol arrives to the ThunderClan territory they are nervous. He says he has some important news to share that is important for the clan. Leafpool and Jaypaw accept to listen to it because they are medicine cats. When they hear what he says they don’t know what to do. But then Sol travels to ShadowClan. That could be his worst mistake or the worst mistake that ThunderClan let them go. ShadowClan might never be a clan or the same ever again.

This was definitely not one of the strongest books that was written. If I had to be honest then I would actually say that I did not enjoy the book. It did not really go anywhere. I cried a couple of time because there were some sad parts but overall this book was actually not what I expected from Erin Hunter. All of the other books that I have read are ok, but this one was boring. It was the introduction of Sol and I believe that he plays and important part in the some of the other books but this book could have been made to be a little more interesting in my opinion. So, you still need to read it to understand the story or the series, but I personally thought this book was a little bit boring.

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