Rising Storm (Warriors Series #4) by Erin Hunter


A fire, a band of rouge cats.What does all of this mean? Is it a warning from Star Clan? Is it trying to kill Bluestar because her time of being leader is coming to an end? The only thing that can calm Fireheart is his new love. But with his job as deputy……he doesn’t know what to do. Can he continue to keep his clan safe or will the fire destroy his clan? But the prophecy…..”Fire will save the clan.” It doesn’t make sense. What will be do? Or will he do nothing? But can he do anything?



This was a really good book. It wasn’t my favorite out of all of the four. I just really hope that nothing happens to any of the clans. What about poor Bluestar. She is very important. I really like the book but it wasn’t the best one that Erin Hunter did. I would read it again but not again after that. Enjoy.

Happy Reading!!!!!