Forest of Secrets (Warriors Series #3) by Erin Hunter


As allegiances shift in the clans, it is harder to know who to trust. But Fireheart has is head set on trying to find out who is behind the former clan deputy, Redtails death. But some of the cats say that the secrets that Fireheart paws up, should have been left buried. But what he doesn’t know is that some of the secrets can kill him. Can he survive, or will the murderer strike again before he can warn his clan?????


This book was amazing. It was one of my favorite out of the ones that I have read. It is when all of the secrets are uncovered. That is when you know who is who or who did what. It is all of the answers for the first three books. It sums all of then up. But my goodness, is it suspenseful. I was up all night (not literally) reading it. I couldn’t stop. I am telling you. All of the books in the series are definite readers. Enjoy.