Fire and Ice (Warriors Series #2) by Erin Hunter


Fireheart is now a warrior cat for ThunderClan, and he knows a secret. He tries to tell his leader Bluestar but she thinks that Fireheart is lying. He knows that if the cat isn’t dealt with soon, many more cats in his clan are going to die because of the traitor. But all the facts that he has will risk either him getting his ears shredded or other cats dying. And since Bluestar thinks that he is mouse-brained, no one will believe him. But will he get the traitor out of the clan before the clan is wiped out?????


This book  was really good. The series is very violent and there is a lot of battles with blood shed and a lot of deaths. But it still is excellent. There are many books in the Warriors Saga and n140276I really like the ones that I read because they are packed with adventure and action.. But do you believe Fireheat????? And do you know who the traitor is?????????