Into the Wild (Warriors Series #1) by Erin Hunter

warriors #1Summary

This book is about four cat clans. The cat clans are Thunder Clan, River Clan, Shadow Clan, and Wind Clan. This book is about their survival and the wars they go though to keep their camp and clan safe. The only time that they can be together harmoniously is on the full moon. This peace treaty was granted by Star Clan. And if it is broken, let me put it this way, there will be destruction and devastation to all four of the clans. There is also one cat that might betray the clan. But the question is, which cat is it???


It is an excellent book and it is packed with adventure. This book can be read by 4-8th graders. This book is found in the YA section of the library because of the violence and there is a lot of that. There is also a lot of blood mentioned and they describe the battles in full detail. This is an amazing book and you will get sucked in quickly, so watch out. Time will fly.