Midnight (Warriors: The New Prophecy Series #1) by Erin Hunter


A new generation of cats are around. The four clans have new kits and are as strong as they should be. But not for long. TwoLegs are coming and ripping trees just like a medicine cat would pull off cobwebs. Cats from every Clan have gone missing and each Clan leader does not know where. Firestar does not want to leave the forest to abandon their home without his daughter. Whilst this is happening the missing cats are going on an adventure sent to them from StarClan. Will they reach where they need to go before the TwoLegs rip un the entire forest????? And if they do will there be a forest and Clans to return to?????


The new generation has started so the book series is from multiple perspectives, but this book starts out with it mainly (and it is mostly carried on through the series) being from Brambleclaws perspective (read the book to find out who he is). The book is like a jump from the last one but after the first chapter or so it starts to get a little better to understand. This book is as good as any other. But one thing that I have to say is that it is FULL of suspense. LOVE the book and hope that you will too.