Dawn (Warriors: The New Prophecy Series #3) by Erin Hunter


And it is time to find a new home. Four trees is gone, WindClan was almost wiped out and the other Clans are struggling. The cats do not know where to got. They need the sign, but where is it????

On their thrilling adventure they come across many dangers. Will they make it to their new home, or will half of the Clan be gone before they even arrive???? And the leading cats, the chosen cats have a lot of pressure on them to make sure their Clans get there quickly and safely. But is pressure a good thing, or might it just ruin the whole trip?????


Probably one of the most suspenseful out of all the ones I have read. The going between places……you do not know what to expect. I cried in this one because a couple of cats died. This book was good and I have to say it was like starting a whole new book series because they were moving. It was pretty good. Hope you enjoy it too.