The Darkest Hour (Warriors Series #6) by Erin Hunter


Tigerstar wants power and he will do anything for it. For him, being the leader of a clan is not enough for him. He has to be the leader of the forest and beyond. To save all of the clans from the forest, Firestar must find what,

“Four will become two. Lion and Tiger will meet in battle, and blood will rule the forest.” means. If he does not all hope is lost. Will Firestar find the meaning before the Tigerstar takes over the whole forest.


Good book. It followed on from the last one. It was a big violent, with a lot of blood shed, but otherwise it was a really good book. I know that I say it a lot but, all of the books follow on from the last book and that is a good quality of a series. I hope that my readers and others will read this book because it is really good.