Want To Read A Comic Book But Don’t Know Where To Start?



Inspired by the energetic zaniness of Comic Con 2015 and the all the worlds it has generated you might want to take a little walk on the wild side and discover the world of comic books.

But how? There are thousands of them, casts of characters, super heroes, leagues, distant worlds, creatures,  and more. So where do you start as a novice? What should you read, where do you find them?

Well, help is on hand from numerous sources who are more than keen to share their special world. As it is summer (unless you are in Australia and New Zealand – in which case you might want to bookmark this for about 6 months) and this is the time to kick back and try relaxing new things, now is the perfect time.

Dorkly has a great piece about getting into superhero comics. DC or Marvel? Take your pick.

How To Love Comics is a huge source on comics and has a great article on how to get into comics. It is loaded with advice and suggestions, recommendations and tips. Go and check it out.

Happy reading!