Want To Be Read To?

Do you remember when you were little and your mother (or some other ‘older’ person) read you to sleep? Soft, dreamy voices that lulled you into drowsiness and you drifted off into the night? Or had you howling with laughter as they tried to keep all the character voices in Harry Potter straight and correct? (no Mommy, ┬áthat’s not Hermoine, it’s Hagrid!)

Well, if you want to recapture those days with someone reading to you this is for you. Let your eyes rest and listen to the story. In case you haven’t enjoyed an audio book (or book on tape as they were once called) the kind folks over at Mashable have compiled a list of free (yes, free!!!!!) sites where you can get some reading done for you. HERE. Many of the books are classics, and there is a selection of educational and children’s books but if you haven’t discovered the fun in audio books this might be a good place to start. So, if you have ‘road trip’ in your future, long plane flight, hours of laundry, or just are too tired to hold a book pop on over and check some of the sites out. Not sure if these are only for US based addresses but go try anyway. Also, go to the library as many libraries have either books on cd’s or downloadable books and these are more likely to be best sellers and a wide variety of genres.

Let me know what you find and how you like it.