Van Helsing (2004)

As Halloween is just around the corner I thought that I would start watching some Halloween movies. So, the other night I saw this DVD beckoning me, and it was an interesting one. So, I decided that it would be a great Halloween movie. Scary, exciting, with a little undead. So here we goooo…..
Hugh Jackman – Van Helsing
Kate Beckinsale – Anna Valerious
Richard Roxburgh – Count Vladislaus Dracula
David Wenham – Carl

“Legendary monster hunter Van Helsing (Hugh Jackman) is summonded to mysterious Transylvania on a mission that will thrust him into a sweeping battle against the forces of darkness. With non-stop action and electrifying special effects, VAN HELSING is an adrenaline-powered monition picture even Roger Ebert calls “Spectacular!””

-Back of Movie Box


This is the classic Dracula story with a nice twist. It had Frankenstein, it had werewolves, and other demonic creatures as well. This story is about Count Dracula and his mission to make his kind thrive, but then Van Helsing, his old enemy, arrives to make his life just a tad more difficult.

This is an amazing Halloween movie. The action was non-stop, there were some things which made you jump, but it was not too scary  – for teens. This is the perfect movie for younger teens and up (14+.) There was some gore but it was not too bad. The monster got cut and the blood spurted but it was literally a frame and that was it. Some of the creatures in this movie were a little scary, like Dracula’s brides. I though that Richard Roxburgh was the perfect actor for Count Vladislaus Dracula. He looked like a Dracula to me and he played the part extremely well. Hugh Jackman was the hero of this film and he played his party of Van Helsing very well. He made his character come alive with his subtle jokes now and then. Then Kate Beckinsale played the beautiful Anna Valerious. She was not your ordinary woman. She would kick butt along side Van Helsing.

This story is perfect for a family with older teens. There is nothing sexual in this at all and there is only mild language like “godda**” and words like “oh my God.” Nothing too extreme at all. I loved this movie and I recommend  watching it as it is a perfect Halloween movie,  and Halloween is just around the corner.

I hope that you all enjoy it and tell me what you think!!