Twilight – Movie Review


Kristen Stewart – Bella Swan
Robert Patterson – Edward Cullen
Billy Burke – Charlie Swan


Bella Swan has just moved to the town of overcast, rainy Forks from sunny and warm Phoenix. She did not think she was going to like her life there until she went to school and saw the Cullen’s. Edward was the one she liked the best. But the Cullen’s kept to themselves. Edward was in some of her classes but he seemed to think there was something wrong with her and so he disappeared from school for a few days. When he comes back he is back to normal. Bella realizes that there is something odd with him and his family. They don’t go out in the sun. They hardly eat. Edwards eyes change. He is extremely fast. He stopped a moving van with his hand. And his skin is cold. Vampire. What else. But when another group of vampires come to the area, Bella’s life is put in danger since she is friends with Edward. Thus the story of boy protecting girl, vampire protecting human begins. But will they be able to keep Bella safe? And if not, what will happen to her?


I actually have to say that I liked this movie. I had watched the trailer and it looked kind of violent but it was not as violent as I would have thought. There was a big fight scene in the end which is pretty graphic. A man gets his head torn off. Bella gets bitten by a vampire and is writhing on the floor in pain. There are some funny lines also. I really like how the characters were portrayed. Edward had all the facial expressions. Bella is not sure of herself around him. Then Dr. and Mrs. Cullen were sweet. Jasper was trying not to eat anyone. Alice was as kind as she was in the book. And the rest of the family was just as they were described. I read the book once but watched the movie twice. There is not too much violence except that fight in the end and that is really it.

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VIOLENCE: A lot of the violence is implied: There are fast shots of vampires right before they kill their prey (both human and animal). A group of guys follows Bella down a dark alley and starts harassing her; Edward threatens them. A predatory vampire tries to kill Bella. There’s a bloody, vicious fight between an evil vampire and the Cullens. Bella is seriously hurt and ends up in the hospital. Charlie, a sheriff, has weapons, including a shotgun.

SEX: As in the book, Bella and Edward have an intensely romantic (though overall fairly chaste) relationship. They stare and gaze at each other lovingly and share some passionate embraces and a couple of kisses, including one make-out session that takes place on a bed while Bella’s in her underwear. Other couples flirt, hold hands, and swoon at each other.

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