Titanic – My Poem

As you may know from my last post about the Titanic (see last Titanic post) I am in the love with the RMS Titanic. She was the biggest ship of her time and was thought to be unsinkable. That is what everyone knows. But there are some things that can only be known from what people say. This poem that I wrote comes from a quote from a man who survived the Titanic disaster. I created this poem from what he said about the disaster. It is done from the point of view of this man. Hope you enjoy it.

Just in the last 5 minutes of the Titanic being above the water
Did everyone realize that the end was extremely near

The lights of the ship started to dim
And suddenly they completely went out
It was dark to start with but now it was like being in ink
The only way to tell that people were around you were by hearing their voices

The voices of the ones shouting out to loved ones
And the voices of the ones crying because they knew that the end was near

Deck after deck after deck after deck
All the decks slowly went under the dark, ominous, looking water

I then turned my head to the bridge decks of the ship
I first noticed the people on the decks
Then I saw Captain Smith standing in the bridge.
My eyes just clung to him
I could not look away.

The water had now entered the bridge
And was slowly making its way up Captain Smith’s legs
It was at his thighs
Then his waist
And then I saw him no more
“He died a hero.”

The ship was now almost fully under the water
Just the 4 funnels and the 2 masts were visible
Then the impossible happened
The stern rose completely out of the water
30, 40, 60 feet and higher into the air
It was now at a 45 degree angle.
And slowly and quietly the ship slipped out of my sight.

These pictures are all from the movie ‘Titanic’ by James Cameron.