The Thing (1982)

John Carpenters The Thing

You totally have to just listen to the music while reading the review and all that stuff, because why not set the mood. >Does scary voo-doo fingers.<


R.J MacReady ~ Kurt Russel
Dr. Blair ~ Wilmford Brimley
Nauls ~ T.K. Carter
Palmer ~ David Clennon


An American research station in Antarctica come across a dog who a group of Norwegians had been pursuing, trying to kill it. The Norwegians are all disposed of because of an accident of their own doing but the dog they went after survives. But why fly all that way and threaten other humans lives to kill a dog? It quickly becomes clear that there was a reason behind it when the dog turns into something terribly inhuman. The Doctor finds that the cells of whatever the dog had become is able to imitate and take on shapes of any living organism and then the question arises, who is human and who is not? Quickly it becomes a fight for their lives and a battle against this inhuman organism to stop it from spreading out to the human population as if it did, the world would end as we knew it.


This movie was fabulous, and scary, and classic, and overall I just loved it. After 3 years of begging to see it, thinking that I was ready, I was finally able to see it and boy was it good. It’s not like the scary that modern-day movies are, where you are literally almost leaving your skin in fright, but this made your heart race at certain moments and yes, it did have quite a few gruesome moments.

It was definitely different from other movies because instead of there being CGI (even though it wasn’t really invented at the time of this movie) the scary creatures were actually made and were animatronics. That just gave the movie a whole new level of cool to see what they were able to do with models and such.

This movie is definitely a classic but I agree with being older to see this. Yes, it doesn’t really compare with modern movies and as a lot of teens see modern horror movies at such a young age, this probably will not even compare up, but still, I believe you need to be at least 16 to see this movie, preferably 18. This isn’t just scary, but it does have some gruesome moments, and even though you know it’s fake, with the suspense which had previously been built, it was a little…intense?

The story line was quite decent and definitely held up over time and even my parents think so. Even though this movie is so old, I think that it will definitely still be seen for a long time to come as it is a class. There was a remake of The Thing made in 2011 and I heard that that one was quite good and was similar, but definitely a lot scarier and more gruesome and I will hopefully be watching that some time soon to be able to get a good comparison up.

Overall it was a very enjoyable movie. This is a Halloween movie or even a winter movie as it is based in Antarctica and there is lots and lots and LOTS of snow. But no, this is not warm and fuzzy at all, unless you consider burning bodies ‘warm’ and fuzzy. xD

I recommend this movie as it is a classic but I do warn you, it is intense and not a movie for everyone.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Happy watching!

Warning! The trailer does show a few of the scarier scenes, but is approved for general audiences.