The Silent Boy by Lois Lowry


Katy always knew she wanted to be a doctor just like her father. She likes the feeling of helping others. But she is interested in Jacob, the boy who does not talk, the silent boy. While Jacob does not really do anything but sit there and imitate sounds, Katy and Jacob seem to have a odd relationship, one that is there but not there.

When Jacob does something he shouldn’t have done, Katy has to try and help him. But will it work?


I hate saying this about books but, I really did not like this book. Lois Lowry is a great author but this was one of her ‘not so good books.’ The writing is really good but the story base line is very depressing. You (readers) might like it if you are a person who likes depressing books but I am not one of those people. I like books that make you cry but when they make you feel really down and upset and depressed, I just cannot handle those books. They seem like nothing can go right in the world, and that is not me. Lois Lowry wrote the story very well but I did not like the story base line. These types of books I can just put my opinion out, you kind of just have to decide for yourself. But personally this is not my type of book. What do you think?