The Shadow Project by Herbie Brennan


Danny knew not to open that door. He knew that this house was deserted, but something inside was telling him what was beyond that door might be a vault and a vault with lots of money.

Danny is a common thief. But one day he decides to rob the wrong house. The house he decides to rob is actually a secret entrance to an area where the MI6 and the CIA are working on the Project and Danny by accident enters and is captured. In this novel, it describes how Danny is caught up in a world of the MI6 and the CIA and the world of the supernatural, and the Sword of Wrath. Its time to start to accept that there is another world. One that Danny is about to be introduced to and one that Danny will have to get to know really well if he hope to save himself. Oh and the rest of the world too.


This book was O.K. The storyline was interesting and it kept you reading but it was a little too out there for me. I know that I have reviewed book about vampires but when you pick up that book you know what it was about. This book was a bit of the natural and a bit of the supernatural.

It was interesting. It was really a book about OOBE’s – Out-Of-Body-Experiences – and the supernatural. That was really all the book was about. Herbie Brennan has written quite a few books about OOBE’s because he “claims” to have experienced one once. Some of the things in this book are real and he tells which of them are in the back of the book but almost all of this is based on what is believed to be real – OOBE’s, astral planes, and demons. This book was interesting because it kept you into the story, but it was definitely a one time read. This was because what was going on was really easy to understand and the storyline was OK. It was just another book.

Click here to see Herbie Brennan’s website.

Also if you want to read up on OOBE’s click here and read some more on Wikipedia. Not completely reliable but you will get the idea.

Anyway, enjoy the book.