The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern’s Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure by William Goldman

There is just one thing that I want you to keep in mind when looking for this book, there are a lot of versions. There is the 30th and 25th anniversary edition and multiple other original edition, abridged versions. The one that I am about to review is the 30th anniversary addition so if the one you get is different it is because it is a different version.


There is an ordinary farm girl named Buttercup and she always orders Westly, the farm boy/servant around. He never talks. All he ever says is “As you wish.” She thinks he’s just dumb until she realizes there is a different feeling inside her when she looks at him. Love maybe? Then Westly has to go away because of her love, he wants to make a living in America and the he will send for her. But only a couple of days after he left, the Prince is looking for a Princess to marry and he looks through out the land until the Count and Countess tell about this girl who works on a farm with exquisite beauty. He sets off the find this girl. When found he takes her away against her will. She is extremely unhappy because she vowed never to love again until Westly returns. She is not cooperative. Then one day she goes for a ride and is kidnapped by a giant, a Spaniard and a Sicilian man of genius. He is the brains behind the whole plot. And then the man in black, who turns out to be the Dread Pirate Roberts appears. And the adventure begins. Filled with chases, fire swamps, snow sand, R.O.U.S (Rats of Unusual Size), murder, betrayal, torture, love, romance, and comedy, this is a must read book.


I have to say this was an amazing book. There is also a movie of this book (to see review click here) and that was the reason I read the book. I loved the movie so much I just had to read the book. This is my first book to movie this summer so I am going to try to do a good review of it.

This book is unlike any other book because of what happens. It is set in the past and you can tell because they use swords (big giveaway.) So this book as I said is filled with chases, murder, betrayal, torture, love, romance, and comedy. The characters are one of the best things about the book. They each have a very distinct personality. Westly is smart and courageous. Andre the Giant is strong and is not afraid of lions and tigers and bears (oh my) but is afraid of bats (some giant.) Vizzini is smart but in the end his brains turn against him. And the Spaniard is just plain funny . But is also an extremely good swordsman who is out to get revenge on the man who killed his father. The man who has 6 fingers. Buttercup is kind of reserved but is out to kill herself if Westly does not return. Then, last but not least, is Prince Humperdinck. He is the slimy man in the book (aside from the Count). He is also a really good hunter. The Count is a man who loves watching people in pain. He loves to study people and animals reaction when they are put into pain and torture. That is why he created The Machine.

The plot is also interesting. He uses real things and then turns them into something they are not. For example, the snow sand might have been quick sand or the R.O.U.S might be just really big rats blown up a couple of sizes (made bigger for effect) and the fire swamp might come from volcanoes. Those are just my interpretations of it thought. Anyway, this story is set all over, there is a lot of excitement and I think that this is a definite read again. Hope that you will read it too.