The Lost Years of Merlin by T.A. Barron


This book is about a boy who arrives on an island and doesn’t remember his past. He realizes he has powers but he has not yet figured out what they are or how to use them. Then he looses his eyesight because of a fire. He then realizes he can sense things like when people are crying or when someone is at the bottom of a hall. He does not hear them, he sees them with something called second sight. He then realizes his future is somewhere else. Somewhere away from Gwenedd which was where he arrived. He then leaves his home away from his so called mother. But his mother first gives him a green rock. He builds a raft and sets sail to somewhere. The next thing he knows is that he is in a place named Fincarya which is an in between place. It is in between heaven and earth. He then meets a girl named Rhia who lives in a wood named Druma Wood. There is evil on the island in a castle named the Shrouded Castle. In that castle are the slaves of the devil named Rhita Gawer. The rest of the story is about the fight and the things they go through to try and destroy the castle. To find out if they prevail you have to read the book.


I REALLY enjoyed the book. It was packed with adventure, action and cliffhangers. There was some blood mentioned here and there though. The fighting was told in great detail. This book is for the age range of 10-14 but    grown-ups would enjoy it too (even if it is below their reading level.) The grade would be about 6-8 only because of    some of the word concepts and the peril and blood. After grade 8, it will be an easy read. This book you do not have    to concentrate hard because you will get sucked in quickly so set a timer because you will read the day away. I know I did.

Happy Reading!!!The Lost Years of Merlin