The Invisible Order – Book One – Rise of the Darklings by Paul Crilley


It is a normal Monday morning and Emily Snow is going to work to earn what money she can after her parents “died.” As she was passing an alley, she witnessed a battle between creatures which were not taller than her knee. This is because Emily can see into another world than just her own. She cannot just sit there. Doing nothing is not one of the options and the Invisible Order – a secret army dedicated to protecting our world from creatures like Faerie’s – knows about Emily and what she can do and they will do anything to get her to work for them. With her brother William and a street thief, Spring-Heeled Jack, that cold winters morning was the beginning of her adventure and if this century old battle is not won, the world as we know it just might be destroyed.














This book was good but (here comes the big but) they ended it dreadfully. The last chapter just left you hanging and then it said ‘This is the end of book one and to find out what happens read book two, The Fire King.’ I though that it was the worst ending a book could have. If a book says “book one” it normally implies that there is a book two. Also how about the author added in the beginning of the book, ‘This is the beginning of book one. Start reading the book so you can read book two also.’ The book was exciting and everything but it was just a bad way to end it. But just because a book is exciting does not mean that it is written well. I felt – personally – that they did not describe the characters very well. They just kind of said they were tall and had blond hair (none of the characters looked like that though, at least I don’t think there were) and that was all they said about it. The story was good and it was the only thing that kept me reading it. I wanted to find out what happened next. They just did not describe looks very well. I would recommend people to read this book so you read the story but just be prepared you might not find the end satisfactory.

Also there is no book two yet so you will have to wait for a little while to find out what happens.