The Infernal Devices Series – Book One – Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare


Tessa Grey is sixteen years of age and she thinks that her life is normal. What she does not know until she meets the Dark Sisters is that she has a power. She can change shape. The Magister wants to claim Tessa for his own so he can share her powers. But the Dark Sisters are cruel and the Magister is unknown. When she becomes friendless and hunted, Tessa joins the Shadowhunter of the London Institute. They swear they will find her missing brother but only if she will use her power to help them. She soon finds herself falling in love with James, who is fragile and beautiful but holds a deadly secret, and Will, whose moods do not let you know whether you are friends or not with him. As the Shadowhunters searching draws them nearer to a plot that threatens to destroy the Shadowhunters, Tessa figures out she must choose between saving her brother and saving her new world and friends. Love just might be the most dangerous magic of all.


This book is written by Cassandra Clare and she also wrote the Mortal Instrument Series. That series is very popular and so a lot of people will have read it. I want to clarify one thing about this book. It is a prequel to the Mortal Instruments series. Cassandra Clare is writing a prequel to the Mortal Instrument Series. If you have already read that series than you might recognize locations and people because they were around a few hundred years before the Mortal Instrument Series.

So now on to my opinion of this book. I personally thought that this book was pretty good. It captured the reader because of the story line, it made you want to keep reading, and it had a little romance. This was a definite page turner. I like the characters and how they were described. The thing that really drew me into the book and made me choose it though was the cover.  It shows a young man (17 or 18 like described in the book) who is in old-fashioned clothes. He is turned so you can just see a part of his face. This made me wonder who he was and I just had to find out. Also I liked the title. Clockwork Angel. It makes you (the reader) and me curious. Well that is my opinion anyway. This book is a Hot Off the Press book and it was still really good. Hope that you will try and read it because I am pretty sure that you will enjoy it. I am not the person who likes books with Demons and Vampire and stuff but this one was pretty good. I hope that you will try this book.

What does INFERNAL mean?

When my mother saw the title Infernal Devices she kind of groaned. So I got curious to what Infernal meant. So here is a definition for you.

Infernal – adj – of, relating to, or characteristic of hell or the underworld

Just a little bit of vocabulary for you to learn.