The Foster Mother of an Elephant

If you are interested in African animals, you do not just have to read about them. Currently, I am the foster-mother of an elephant named Shukuru. She was found in a manhole. A herder heard her cries and went to see what it was, after getting help and a lot of tugging and pulling they successfully got her out. Shukuru stuck by the side of a sheep and would not leave its side. The hearder called The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and they took the elephant away to be looked after. Her full name, Nashukuru, meaning ‘i am greatful’ and she has a lot to be grateful for. After they had taken her away, they found out that there were poachers who had found her earlier and were going to be coming back the next day. If you want to read her full story or foster her, or another elephant baby  too click here, or if you want to learn more about the Orphan’s Project click here. Enjoy and maybe you might find the elephant that is right for you.

This is not my elephant.