The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown


Wow! Dan Brown has created yet another enthralling novel. This is the second one in the series with Robert Langdon (Angel’s and Demons being the first.) In this thrilling book Robert Langdon is called in to decipher a code written on a dead mans body(!). The weird thing is the killer didn’t write what was on him there. He originally thought that because in his last experience, the symbols were put there from the killer. But this time they weren’t. The dead man had written the symbols on himself just before he died. Robert was called in and so was Sophie Neveu, a noted cryptographer. So the adventure begins of finding the clues left by this man. But they have to find out what the clues are for. Robert believes that the man who died was part of a secret group. Priory of Sion. A 1,000 year old group that held the secrets of the Holy Grail and Robert believes that these symbols are passing on the information. But why? To find out they have to follow trails left by the dead man who is actually Sophie Nevu’s grandfather, run away from the police and keep themselves from not being killed. But can they get to the secret before Opus Dei a secret ¬†organization who wants the information too? Both groups want to own the Grail but only one wants to use it for good. The other wants to get it and destroy it. Destroy something that is from the time of Jesus. But who will get there first? The clock has started ticking.


I know that the last two books that I read by Dan Brown were excellent and I said they were must reads. Well this one is not one that I would say that about. The beginning was really good but once it got to the end it was all riddles and they were solving something until the VERY end. It was not confusing to read or anything but the riddles got kind of boring. There are some things that you should watch out for. There is some sexual content in the book. Nothing too graphic but rates this book iffy for 15 year olds. I only read it because it is the second one of three in the Robert Langdon Series (The Lost Symbol being the last.) There is also one thing that I would say. I might read Digital Fortress again, I possibly would read the Angels and Demons again because it was interesting but I would not read the Da Vinchi Code again but it was a little boring. This book a definite one time read book. I would say that you should read it because it was good but not one of the best.

What do you think?

I am sure I am not the only one who read it so what are your opinions. Tell me what you thought about it and if you though this was the best. Everyone’s opinions matter.

What I Think….
by M.O.M.

Unlike MLCWO I did not read any other books by Dan Brown before I read The Da Vinci Code. I loved it and couldn’t put it down. In fact I was shocked to discover that at one point I had to stop everything and sit and read and read, to find out what happens next. I found it gripping, and an exciting read. But then again, I don’t usually read books like this so it was quite a new experience for me. I think Dan Brown researches his subjects well and sets out an interesting story. He keeps his readers engaged. However, I am not sure how long he can create books based on symbols, mysticism and history.