The Bridesmaid

by Hailey Abbott
“Someone’s going to the chapel…..but will she get married?”


Abby and her sister, Carol, live at Dove Roots Chateau, which is a catering hall. Their parents cater for wedding parties. She and her sister promised never to get married because they see what happens to women when they get married. They turn into (dah, dah, dah) BRIDEZILLA’S!!!!!!!!! They go all mad and start thowing plates and get all “me, me, me.” So Abby and her sister promised never to get married. Then Carol goes to college and comes home for the summer with some big news. SHE WAS GETTING MARRIED. Abby knows this is the end of her sister. She knows that she will turn into a Bridezilla. She knows all hope is lost. The only time that she feels the slightest bit better is around Noah, and boy does he look hot with frosting in his hair. Obviously Carol has lost her mind. Will Abby loose hers or will both sisters kill each o

ther first???????


This book was really funny with everything that was happening, from the throwing of plates to the screaming. I do not think I would read it again, because I think that it is a one time read book, but it still was very funny. I also would like to mention that the sisters are described very well from how their personalities are to how they react in different situations. It was pretty good, and I think that my readers will like it too (or at least I hope you do.)

Who is Hailey Abbott?????

*****From the back of the book!!!!!

Hailey Abbott has been a bridesmaid eight times, not that she’s counting. She is the author of SUMMER BOYS and lives in New York City with a Scottish terrier named Angus and eight bridesmaid dresses that are hidden in the deep recess of her bedroom closet.