The Bourne Legacy (2012) – Movie Review


Jeremy Renner – Aaron Cross
Scott Glenn – Ezra Kramer
Rachel Weisz – Dr. Marta Shearing



I have an obsession with Jeremy Renner to start with (as he played Hawkeye in Avengers and he was my favorite and is in my opinion the coolest) and to top that all off I absolutely LOVE the Bourne series. I loved Matt Damon playing Jason Bourne but then this was just an amazing movie. There were car chases, there was subtle romantic stuff, there was a small amount of espionage and a ton of running from the US government and local authorities which was exciting.

This movie will be extremely confusing if you do not watch the first three, The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum. This is the fourth one in the series and you have to watch the other three to understand the story as it does carry on. It was also a little confusing sometimes because of what they were talking about. They were talking about gene therapy, and enhancing neurons in the brain and making people stronger, smarter, faster, and be more resilient. You did have to pay a little attention as to what was going on otherwise you would have been a little lost.

I liked this movie because of how it was filmed and where it was filmed. They chose very interesting locations to film the movie and it added to the effect. They also did very interesting coloring and filming, sometimes making parts blurry to make you focus on something else, or making it kind of fish eye when something happened (not telling what.)

There was also a really amazing car chase in the movie which was absolutely epic and was quite exciting 😀

It was PG-13 but there was no language that I can remember. It was just all the violence with a few people getting shot, a lot of punching and kicking, a bunch of people killed, but none of which was gruesome or anything. It was just the violence overall.

I just overall definitely recommend this movie if you love spy movies or you love this series. It was just like the others just without Jason Bourne in it, it was Aaron Cross this time.

I loved it because Jeremy Renner was in it (FANGIRL) and it was one of the reason I wanted to see it so badly.

So go to your local library and get the movie and watch it ASAP! You MUST watch it!