The Beauty of Old Books – continued

There are old books, and there are OLD BOOKS. Have you ever noticed how the old books look so interesting? and how they feel? The paper is different. The covers too. Have you noticed how new books feel? The covers have ink that leaves some sort of impression on your hands. And sometimes worse, you leave your fingerprints on the cover, and it doesn’t rub out. Scary. The pages are….well sort of cheap? The print (that is font) is sort of yucky? Rough paper, dodgy print, you need glasses. You haven’t noticed? Well then, go then to your local big Barnes and Noble and check out “Anna Karenina”, “War and Peace”, “The Grapes of Wrath” – all of the editions you can find. You (hopefully) will see a good selection. Take a look at a couple of them. Feel them. Really look at the print. Spend a moment gazing at the cover. We will be discussing this more……later.
However, here is something to consider about old(er) books.  We have a few in our house. They are wonderful. Worthy of the words.

By M.O.M.