Thanks to the Blogger!!!!!

I started a blog because I wanted to review books for the general public. I also wanted to show people that reading a book is not “hard.” In addition to that I thought it would be cool to have a blog.

But blogging is not the same without others. I follow only a few blogs. But the blogs which I do follow, I love. I also know two of the blogger because of past interviews (Presenting Lenore, Parenthetical) So I would like to list and send a general thank you to them for making blogging better.

Presenting Lenore ( I would like to thank Presenting Lenore as she got me into interviewing. We were paired for the last Book Blogger Appreciation Week (which unfortunately I forgot to sign up for this year).  She got me interested in interviewing other people. She and her cats are really interesting. (who knew it was ok to write about cats on a book blog??) Thank you so much Presenting Lenore.

Parenthetical ( I have  to thank Parenthetical also. We were paired for Nerds Heart YA and we had to work together to decide between two books that would move onto the next round of voting. It was a tough job, reading and choosing who got to move on. She was a great partner.  After that I asked her to have an interview. That will be coming soon. Stayed tuned!!!

These are the two blogs which I read frequently and knowing the author makes it more special.  I would like to thank them both for inspiring me with blog post ideas. I hope they both know the they really helped with my blogging and made me love doing it so much more.

Thank you.