Talk Amongst Yourselves

by  M.O.M.

This is a book blog, simple and to the point. Occasionally there are brief related topics – movies, poems, book related things, fun things that somehow connect to the printed word. It is written (for the most part) by a rampant book reader who is young, and found her love of books early. Anything in print isn’t safe from her. Keeping her reading isn’t a problem, getting the nose out of the book sometimes is.
How did this come about?
Frankly it was the presence of books, lots and lots of books – board books, pictures books, talking books, early readers, read alongs, read alouds –  you get the idea. And from this grew a reader.

And as you, dear reader, are here reading a blog about books, I think I can assume you love books also. For whatever reason you visit it is not to get a recipe, or read about traveling, or have a daily update on our lives, or get a craft idea (or any of the myriad topics covered in blogs) but it is to find out what is happening book wise at MLCWO.

So, it is with great sadness that this article appeared in the New York Times. What is going on? What do you think? How did you start your love affair with reading?

To be continued……..