Top 10 Movies To Watch This Valentines Day

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Top 10 Movies for Valentines Day

With Valentines Day coming soon, you may be looking for something to watch with your partner, with your book boyfriend or just alone.

So here’s a list of Top 10 Movies To Watch This Valentines Day.

  1. Pretty in Pink (1986)
  2. Titanic
  3. West Side Story
  4. The Breakfast Club
  5. My Best Friend’s Wedding 
  6. When Harry Met Sally…
  7. Sixteen Candles
  8. Love Actually 
  9. Meet Joe Black
  10. You’ve Got Mail


“Romantic Heroes I Wouldn’t Date”

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

I hope you all will be having a fantastic day. I know that I’ll be working on homework, nomming chocolate alone and wishing for my Prince Charming.

But I know that my Prince Charming will not be any of those men from Book Riot’s small list of Romantic Heroes I Wouldn’t Date.

Any of those on the list you agree with? Disagree with?

I do wish Romeo, oh Romeo, wasn’t on that list…but I sadly do agree…

Anyway, have a fantastic Valentines Day and what do y’all plan on doing?