So within the next few hours I will be working on transferring this website.

I hope nothing goes wrong but if it does, don’t leave me. I’ll be back up and running as soon as possible! The website name should still be the same as so if for some reason this place crashes, google me and I should still come up (for all my loyal followers!)

But I hope everything goes well. You can follow my progress on Twitter @mlcwo – So you’ll be up to date with everything going on.

Here we go!!

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Talk Among Yourselves Tuesday – A Day Late

Yesterday it was audio book apps to entertain the children. Nice idea, real stories, real voices. Today NPR reported on kids books that leap off the page and are interactive. Here. It seems that publishers want to draw younger readers into an interactive world where they can become part of the story and characters. “These multi-platform books allow kids to move seamlessly from the printed page to the digital page, and are designed to appeal to both the avid and reluctant readers.” Without doubt many young readers will be attracted to this.

But here is the question. Does this help them to read? To learn to love reading? Going into an interactive world is another thing, uses a different part of the brain. Deepens their reliance on technology. Is a distraction.

Good idea or not?

Comments please.

I know where I stand.