MLCWO Products @ Teespring

Hello all you wonderful people! I am really happy, and proud, to announce that I have officially opened a shop

Unlike many other people who completely host their own shops at Etsy and whatnot, I have decided to have a third party host me, so I am using Teespring! I will mostly be creating and selling t-shirts, mugs and stickers (but with time I will hopefully grow to pillows and phone cases too!)

All of the products on there are about the average price of most t-shirts you would buy in outside places.

The other wonderful thing about this place is that I can decide to create products for a cause if I want to. So if I find something that I would like to support I can commit to share some of the profit with them! Which I love!
I am also able to host sales on here, which is pretty awesome. But to get the discount, you will need to click the specific link I share! So make sure to check here or follow my twitter (@mlcwo) or Instagram (@mylibrarycardworeout) to get the discount link!

So please go and check my store out and let me know what you think!

MLCWO Sotre @ Teespring