An Interesting Blog

So I recently came across this really interesting blog that posts poems, things about literature, and pictures of books and such.

It’s really beautiful and I love how it’s set up, just scrolling through the different posts. I definitely think that you should check it out.

The name of the blog is Love For Books!

So go and show some love over there and check it out ^^

‘How Far Your Favorite Authors Went For Their Love Of Books’

Everyone does something stupid for a book. You continue to read it as you walk into a mall and walk face first into an automatic door (haven’t done that yet.) You walk around your house reading it and miscalculated a doorway, walking smack into a door (done that.) You stay up into a new day to try to finish the pages of your favorite book (been there and done that LOTS of times.)

But these authors, some of them, went a little bit beyond. Click here to find out just how far they went for their love of books.

Summer Goal Book

Each summer I try to choose a book which will challenge me and may not be enjoyable to read, but I will finish it just for the experience. A few years ago I started Dracula by Bram Stoker, but it took me like 2 years to finish.

The book I am reaching for this year may take me that long…but I would like to finish it by September.

And my goal book…

Of Summer….



>Epic drum roll starts<

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

>Cue mouths gaping open<

Yes I know it is going to be REALLY hard to read and keep interested in…but I want to do it. So wish me luck.

Has anyone read it? What did you think if you have? And do you think I’m nuts for trying this…? I do xD

Happy Reading everyone…I know that I will be happy…ish.

An Apology for All

Yes. I know I’ve been neglecting this blog and I’m sure half of my readers aren’t terribly interested since I haven’t been posting, but I AM SO SORRY!

I have absolutely been drowning in school work with AP Chemistry (worst. decision. ever) and lots of music activities (#musicianproblems) and it’s just been absolutely overwhelming.

But summer starts in 2 weeks (oh thank God; I don’t think I’d survive much longer without a break) so I will be back at this. I do have a few drafted posts and will try to post them, along with some notes from my English class for books and poems that many schools require students to read. Just to help out a fellow student ^.^

But I am back and I am still alive ~ Just been trying to survive school.