‘How Far Your Favorite Authors Went For Their Love Of Books’

Everyone does something stupid for a book. You continue to read it as you walk into a mall and walk face first into an automatic door (haven’t done that yet.) You walk around your house reading it and miscalculated a doorway, walking smack into a door (done that.) You stay up into a new day to try to finish the pages of your favorite book (been there and done that LOTS of times.)

But these authors, some of them, went a little bit beyond. Click here to find out just how far they went for their love of books.

Summer Goal Book

Each summer I try to choose a book which will challenge me and may not be enjoyable to read, but I will finish it just for the experience. A few years ago I started Dracula by Bram Stoker, but it took me like 2 years to finish.

The book I am reaching for this year may take me that long…but I would like to finish it by September.

And my goal book…

Of Summer….



>Epic drum roll starts<

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

>Cue mouths gaping open<

Yes I know it is going to be REALLY hard to read and keep interested in…but I want to do it. So wish me luck.

Has anyone read it? What did you think if you have? And do you think I’m nuts for trying this…? I do xD

Happy Reading everyone…I know that I will be happy…ish.

An Apology for All

Yes. I know I’ve been neglecting this blog and I’m sure half of my readers aren’t terribly interested since I haven’t been posting, but I AM SO SORRY!

I have absolutely been drowning in school work with AP Chemistry (worst. decision. ever) and lots of music activities (#musicianproblems) and it’s just been absolutely overwhelming.

But summer starts in 2 weeks (oh thank God; I don’t think I’d survive much longer without a break) so I will be back at this. I do have a few drafted posts and will try to post them, along with some notes from my English class for books and poems that many schools require students to read. Just to help out a fellow student ^.^

But I am back and I am still alive ~ Just been trying to survive school.

Up and Coming Review

As gay rights are a big issue right now, I am currently reading a book on this topic which was given to me by my lovely YA librarian Omar. It is an ARC and does not come out until August  so you will have to wait a little while until it comes out. It is a very good book so far and I cannot wait to finish it so expect a review some time later this week.

The name of the book is… Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan.

I’m Back!

Hello fellow readers.

I know that I have been gone for god knows how long but I am back now. I was trying to come up with some miserable excuse but there really wasn’t one, except the fact that with school I was struggling to do as much reading as I used to do. But now summer vacation is finally here and I have 2 and a half to 3 months ahead of me to rest and recharge. A lot of this time will probably be spent on my laptop (according to my mother who says it has taken over my life (which is has)) but I also want to spend a lot of this time reading. Preferably on a beach of by a pool. Or in my garden. OR SOMEWHERE NOT MY HOUSE!

I stayed home all of last summer and I would like to at least go some places this summer, and also read some new books. I am working on a few reviews like Ender’s Game, I am finishing reading Joyland by Steven King (his new novel) and I would also like to review some of the books and plays that I read during the school year like Frankenstein, Macbeth, Hiroshima, and maybe even a few short stories. I will also continue with the movie reviews as there are some great movies just out and coming out like The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, The Wolverine, and many others (too many to list).

I am not going to promise anything because I know that I am probably going to break that promise and then I will feel bad, my mom will get mad, and you will probably be upset as well. So I am just going to say that I am going to post this summer as much as I can, and even if it is not reviews, then it would be some fun, book related stuff.

I hope that you will all forgive my lack of posting and I will make it up ASAP. I am reading some books right now and hope to get them finished soon. So stick around and there will be some fresh stuff up soon.

Happy Reading!

- Allegra, teen book blogger for MyLibraryCardWoreOut

Book’s to Movies coming soon or just out!

Just a few books to movies which are either coming out soon or are just out.

1. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones –> Book review and Movie on IMDB –> coming in the summer

2. Parker –> Book review coming soon (in process of reading) and Movie on IMDB –> out now

3. Jack the Giant Slayer –> everyone knows the story about Jack and the beanstalk and Movie on IMDB –> coming soon

4. Beautiful Creatures –> haven’t read the book yet and Movie on IMDB –> out now

5. Carrie –> review hopefully coming soon and Movie on IMDB –> coming later this year

6. Ender’s Game –> haven’t read the book yet and Movie on IMDB –> coming later this year

Click here to see a list of 70 book’s to movies which will be coming out either this year or some time in the future.

I am excited!

How about you?