“15 Things You’ll Understand If You Love Reading in Bed”

Well if you’re a reader you love reading in bed, or really anywhere comfortable.

BookBub got a list of 15 things you’ll understand if you love reading in bed….and they are so accurate!

woman with books on bed


“18 Steamy New Romances to Heat Up Your Winter”

So I’ve recently come across BookBub and it has some fantastic bits of pieces which I definitely want to share now and then.

One of their most recent posts was 18 Steamy New Romances to Heat Up Your Winter.

I’m always looking for a good new romance novel and this list caught my attention – of course they are adult reads (not YA).

couple on bike


9 FANTASTIC Parties in Literature

Whenever there is an epic party in a story, I always really enjoy it because I so get into my stories. So I really feel like that I’m there!

Penguin came up with a list of 9 amazing parties from literature and I have to say, they’re all pretty great!

Of course Gatsby (affiliated) is on this list because they were some of the biggest parties but do you think any parties from stories you’ve read are missing? If so, let me know!

And plan your amazing party for the New Year!

Great Gatsby party
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