Butterbeer? Starbucks?!

Apparently Starbucks, after J.K. Rowling announced Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, came up with a Butterbeer Frappucino. I don’t know if they’re still selling it in some places, however, you can make it yourself!

Just click here!

How yummy does it look! I’d love to try it.

starbucks butterbeer

Amazing Winter Gift for A Book Lover

Are you possibly looking for an amazing winter gift for a book lover? Well look no further!

Emma Bridgewater U.K. is selling a Blast Toast All Over Cocoa Mug!

It says on the front “Hurray! Time for hot chocolate, marshmallows & a good book!” ¬†It is a little pricey at $40.50 however I really do think they’re worth it and if I didn’t have to spend so much on university textbooks, I’d get it! It’s the perfect winter gift or a ‘just-because” gift during the cold season!

This would be a gift I would LOVE to receive!!!

Emma bridgewater black toast mug

Vietnamese Spring Rolls: College Style [MLCWO College Edition/MLCWO Eats]


So as a University student, I completely understand the struggle of cooking and finding good food. Especially if your cafeteria doesn’t offer the best stuff. So I’m going to be doing some college cooking now and then. Most of it will be needing to have a decent work space so it is more apartment level college cooking. But there will be the microwaveable meals as well. Don’t worry!

But also some cooking videos will pop up now and then as well as it’s something I enjoy to do. Over time I may separate¬†the cooking portion from MLCWO to a separate website if I really can commit to this but at the moment MyLibraryCardWoreOut is going to be cooking now and then. So enjoy and I hope you have something to much on as you’re going to get hungry!