FloraForager Sale!

So I did a post a few months back I posted this wonderful post about a woman who makes art with flowers! They’re so beautiful and it’s such a creative idea!

Well today she has a sale! It’s her birthday today and you can get up to 30% off if you use the code ‘BIRTHDAY’!

I know that I’m shopping around. Are you?!

Flora Forager


Gift Ideas: Literary Gifts for Teachers

Bookish Gifts for Christmas

It’s getting to that time of the year when you need to start planning what you want to give to your teachers.
That is, if you want to get that extra credit and survive the semester/year!
BookRiot came up with a great list of some things that you can give to your teacher!
I honestly love all of them!

Or you can surprise them with a late acceptance to Hogwarts *winks*.


How To Decorate Your Mantle: Halloween Edition

So with Halloween approaching rapidly (thank goodness!), it is time to start planning how you will decorate your house! has come up with an amazing way to decorate your mantle for this Halloween season!

If I had a mantle, I would definitely do it! But I’ll just have to do bits of it around my house!

Halloween Decorated Mantle



Something New For Saturday

It’s the weekend! What an exhausting week…..time for something restorative.

Here at MLCWO there has been a quiet obsession over the years with book related things that don’t involve actually reading. Book art, paper art, illustrations. You get the idea.

Well how about floral art?

So what about this???


Something New For Saturday


Beautiful, don’t you think?

Bridget Beth Collins is the artistic genius behind this glorious flamingo (birthday present for moi!)  and her website Floral Forager is a place of incredibly beautiful works made with bits of nature. Bridget loves to collect things from the wild and turns them into gorgeously creative pieces. Works of art.

And she has got some pieces that are books and movie themed!!


Something New For Saturday
Alice In Wonderland


Something New For Saturday
Green Gables – just without Anne


Something New For Saturday
Snow White


Something New For Saturday
May The Flowers Be With You


Truly unique and so creative. There just might be one of these in the horizon …..why not pop over and visit her website and  enjoy all of her work.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Oh Deer! Coloring Book by Christie Whelan

A coloring book of unusual nature!

This post contains affiliate links to assist readers in a swift and easy purchase.

So I have to say that I LOVE Oh Deer! coloring book. First off the name is very creative and caught my attention. Also, it is so much fun and is really something unique (which you will really see in the video review! I mean just look at the cover!

oh deer! coloring book

It really is unique in how the pages are set up as well as the idea of what you are coloring. It has this kind of Native American feel to it. Not sure if that was the intention but that was the vibe I was getting from it.

Some pages are more basic in nature….

oh deer! coloring book page

While others do certainly take some skill to accomplish!

page from oh deer! coloring book

My two…attempts at coloring turned out quite interestingly. I mean, I don’t have much artistic talent but with a nice selection of colors, anything can turn out looking good!

colored pages from oh deer! coloring book

You can purchase the book here from CreateSpace or from Amazon.