Vietnamese Spring Rolls: College Style [MLCWO College Edition/MLCWO Eats]


So as a University student, I completely understand the struggle of cooking and finding good food. Especially if your cafeteria doesn’t offer the best stuff. So I’m going to be doing some college cooking now and then. Most of it will be needing to have a decent work space so it is more apartment level college cooking. But there will be the microwaveable meals as well. Don’t worry!

But also some cooking videos will pop up now and then as well as it’s something I enjoy to do. Over time I may separate┬áthe cooking portion from MLCWO to a separate website if I really can commit to this but at the moment MyLibraryCardWoreOut is going to be cooking now and then. So enjoy and I hope you have something to much on as you’re going to get hungry!


The Naked Roommate: And 107 Issues You Might Run Into in College by Harlan Cohen – Video Book Review!!!


Check out my second book review on my YouTube channel! There will be one more coming out in this MLCWO College Edition series which I have planned and I’ll throw anything else into it that I think may be college related as well, eventually. Enjoy!

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College Safety 101 by Kathleen Baty


I decided for something different this time. A video book review, something which I will do more. It also depends on the book. If it’s just a reading book then unless I have a lot to say, more than what I can do in a post I’ll make a video. But if it has lots of pictures, pretty ones, I’ll make a video for it too.

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