COVER REVEAL!!! The Braille Club Undone by J.A Kerr

COVER REVEAL! The Braille Club Undone – J.A Kerr

Book 3.

The Braille Club Undone is the third book in The Braille Club series!


The Braille Club fulfils desires and fantasies. It guarantees members—sensory overload. Pleasure comes in many forms. Some playful and exciting, others…twisted by evil. Would you risk pain in exchange for pleasure?

Benedict and Sienna Harrison are left reeling…

Siena and Benedict—newlyweds and owners of the exclusive Braille Club—are determined more than ever to protect their family. “Knox,” their new home seems safe; but a presence lurks in the shadows. Watching, waiting. When the weak link is identified, their whole world will be blown apart.

Simon Lawrence will stop at nothing to satisfy his desires…

But his wife, Tess, has other plans. Tired of her husband’s infidelity, she resorts to desperate measures. However, Simon won’t let this new woman slip through his fingers. Distraught, Tess will stop at nothing to protect them and her secret. How far will she go to save her husband…from himself?

Virinder Bashir desires the freedom of the club…

Forced to marry Noor Chaudry, a beautiful, ruthless, and desperate woman, Virinder rejects their arranged marriage, seeing through her façade. During his sensual Braille lessons however, Noor becomes the center of his fantasies. After tragedy comes a blooming love, but not everyone wants them to live happily ever after.

A new client tempts Anna Dunbar down a dangerous, yet exciting path…

Manager of Harrison’s and the Braille Club, Guy Walker’s relationship with Anna Dunbar is failing. Feeling neglected, Anna’s flirting ignites Guy’s determination to win her back. Their mutual development of a new Braille Club Zone reawakens their dark desires, but will these desires unite…or destroy them?

Cords and ropes aren’t the only strings being pulled at the Braille Club. Danger lurks beneath deadly desires and obsessive fantasies… Will you indulge your desires and enter the Braille Club once again?

The Braille Club Undone Cover

The Braille Club Undone: COMING 31st July!

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Author Bio

I was born in the spring of 1967 at Paisley’s Ross Hospital in Scotland and grew up in Glasgow. I was an office administrator and latterly a recruitment consultant before marrying and relocating to The Netherlands with her husband. After two years, I moved to Cheshire where my first child was born and returned to work part-time. My final relocation took me back to my home town of Glasgow where I welcomed the arrival of my second child. I raised my family whilst harbouring dreams of becoming a writer. In September 2013, I took the plunge and started my first book.
When I set out to write these books, I wanted to create something that mirrored exactly the kind of books I like to read. My top picks are always originals featuring strong male and female protagonists with attitude. The Braille Club Series books are a great mix of genres. Although sensuality plays a big part, there is also intrigue and a touch of thriller.
I love to connect.

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The Braille Club series!

The Braille Club 1

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The Braille Club Unbound is available at:

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COVER REVEAL! – Chasing What’s Already Gone – Michael Ross

Book Cover full wrap


Danny Pearson is cruising through life on the edge of contentment—even in his marriage…

His wife seems distant, yet perfectly happy. They work on different schedules and pass like ships in the night. But that’s how marriage is after so many years, right?

When Danny meets a mysterious girl, his idea of the meaning of love shatters at his feet…

She’s not extraordinary, but somehow she’s so much more than just another girl. When he catches her gaze, he knows deep in his gut that she’s the one—the love of his life. But being a decent guy, he holds his feelings in check, and there is no ulterior motive when he shares a coffee with her. As she leaves, she gives him a business card. That’s all there is to it.

Her name is Ella. And after that, she is nothing more than a fond memory.

Danny puts Ella out of his mind and moves on with his life—until his world falls apart…When his wife confesses to having an affair and demands a divorce, his life is thrown into chaos. It’s a challenge adjusting to the single life, but it’s not impossible. As time passes, he continues to reminisce of his brief encounter with the woman he’s sure was his chance at true happiness.

How far is Danny willing to go in the pursuit of love? How far would you when, in all probability, you are only…

Chasing what’s already gone?

Teaser 2 with cover.

Teaser 3 with cover.

Teaser 6 with cover

Chasing What’s Already Gone will be available on Amazon on July 26th!

About The Author.

It was a strange and twisting road that led to the publishing of my second novel.

Born and raised in Bristol, England. I spent my adult life in business, the majority of that time marketing cars. I eventually owned the largest Saab specialist in the world, before a divorce put an end to that part of my life.

This led me to leave Bristol to live halfway up a mountain in the Welsh valleys, start a part time six year English Literature course at Bristol University, and attend creative writing classes in Cardiff.

My interest in English literature flourished and I have won several prizes for my short stories. My first book, ‘Twenty Short Stories – Settling a score,” reached No 6 in the Short Stories Best Sellers and is still available. My second novel, a romantic thriller entitled Hand Over Fist was released earlier this year

Chasing What’s Already Gone evolved from a short story Carpe Diem in my second anthology Twenty One Short Stories. I could not get the two main characters out of my head and I had to find out what happened to them after the end of the short story.

I now live very happily halfway up that mountain in the Welsh Valleys with my wonderful partner, Mari, and our rescue dog, Wolfie.




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Can You Judge A Book By It’s Cover?

So, I have decided that I need to start talking about Book Cover Art and sharing some lovely book covers, or talking about the covers of books which I read and enjoyed. I have done a post about book covers before – Here –  with this jaw droppingly gorgeous cover for my JUST ABOUT ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOK. Do I need to give you a hint?

A lot of thought and planning goes into the cover of books, and somewhere an artist does what they do and create something magical. Have you noticed how the covers often give you clue about the story? Capture a bit of the flavor of the book? Or, don’t you stop and look? Maybe you will look at your books a little differently now. I hope that you enjoy these posts and look forward to more in the future.

Here is the cover of Graveling, a recently read and reviewed book. I just wanted to say a few thing about the cover of this book by Kristin Cashore. I thought that the cover was quite interesting. It is so simple, yet it is intriguing.

The cover depicts a dagger in the center with the reflection of a girls face (well, we have to assume that it is the main character Katsa). But then in the background it is a creme, parchment paper look with a blue layer on top. Then you have some red flowers at the bottom of the cover and some flowers at the top of the cover too. Atmospheric…..

I know that this cover may not seem interesting to some, but when you hold this book, it seems to reflect back at you and you have a different view of it. The cover looks interesting, and the dagger seems almost 3D. When my librarian Omar gave me this book to me to read I was instantly intrigued because of the cover.

So, yes, I do judge books by their cover, but only in a positive way.


Interesting-Book-Related-Thing Saturday

This week I decided to do something a little different for my interesting book related thing Saturday. I decided to do a book cover. I have noticed, while I walk around my library, how many interesting covers there are on books. So I thought I would pick a few and share them. Today’s cover is Tiger’s Curse because it is the most recently read book and it has a lovely cover. That picture above does not describe how beautiful the cover is. The cover actually shimmers. Let me go into detail as to what is on the cover.

The image has bordered top edges. This gives the viewer a sense that the top of the book ends. But the bottom just seems to go on and on. The white tiger seems to be peeking through some mist and a shroud. This is referring to the book because the tiger is hidden for a long time and you do not find out everything about him until the end. And then you still do not. The blue eyes add to the effect of the cover because they are sky blue and they are what stands out on the tiger. Also in the background, there are some intricate designs. This reminds me of Henna and also some of the designs on the god statues in the book. To really appreciate its beauty you have to hold it in person. If you do not want to read this book, even though I do recommend it, Tiger’s Curse by Colleen Houck has a captivating cover and that was what initially made me pick the book up. Without that cover I might never have found such and amazing book. So please, check this book out and enjoy.

Click here to visit Colleen Houcks website and you can read a preview of the first 7 chapters.