Support Your Local Book Store

A fantastic article by Laura Freeman titled A New Years resolution worth keeping: support bookshops instead of Amazon  is well worth reading. As lovers of books it is thought provoking. The article makes some fantastic points, showing that while buying from Amazon is simple and such, as well as delivers quickly, you miss out on small little quaint places, with personalized attention and recommendations, that are slowly disappearing due to people constantly ordering from Amazon, which I am guilty of as well. Though I do love to find small book shops as well.

An example of small places closing is Slightly Foxed on Gloucester Road in London. Due to rising rent, changes in the neighborhood and not too many people coming by, it has to shut down sadly.


I mean this book store is absolutely adorable and I would have loved to go and visit and it’s so sad that it is shutting down. We own one copy of a book from this lovely place as they do print books. Take a look here with a previous blog post and see the love and care that goes into printing their books. It’s quite sad that places like this are shutting down because of the effects of Amazon.

I try and order books from other places, or go to small book stores, especially in NYC, and get my books. And everyone else should too. Support your local bookseller. Or find an indie seller online. Amazon is convenient and all, and don’t get me wrong, as a college student it’s fantastic, but you definitely need to go out and support your local book shops as well because it’s not all about fast.

Sometimes the wait makes it all more worth your while.