Summer, Summer, Time Is Here!!!!!

Summer time is once again upon us. And do you know what summer mean for me. Well of course you don’t so that is why I am going to tell you. Summer time mean swimming, summer homework, being with friends (if they are around), going on holiday, and best of all reading as many books as I want. Oh and watching lots of movies too. But it also mean more blogging time and more posts for my fellow readers.

One thing that I thought of doing was to do a lot of books to movies this summer. As my readers will have a lot of time off, you can read the book and then enjoy the movie afterward. And my suggestion is that you always read the books first because the movies are sometimes different and/or edited. I personally find that watching the movie before I read the book is not that good because you expect one thing from the book but you get something different. That is just my advice.

Some of the books to movies that you can watch out for are….

The Chronicles of Narnia
The Golden Compass
Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter
Alex Rider
and many others.

Hope that you will enjoy the books and movies that I am going to review.